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Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Thomas Sweterlitsch

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch


(ARC from First to Read. July 10 release date.)

This book is the journal of John Dominic Blaxton and his battle with getting over his wife's death after ten years when she and everyone in Pittsburg was killed when a terrorist set of a nuke. With the advance technology and brain 'wiring' he and others can go back to revisit her or anyone else using memories and security camera footage, including when they died, all downloaded to the 'archive'.
John was employed by a company who researched how people died through the archive because insurance companies wanted proof of death before they would payout life insurance, (Pittsburg). He O.D.s and is fired, only to be hired by a man looking for his daughter, because she was disappearing from the archive. His investigation puts him in trouble with those who hired him and a man called Mook when he stumbles on more than he bargained for.

This book would have been better if it hadn't been wrote as a journal. The only time it felt real was during dialogue, emotions where great here, while the rest of it was dull with sudden bursts of extreme descriptions for page filler.

I'll give this book three stars for the plot, which was very interesting, and for the dialogue scenes that gave the story a 'real' feeling. If 80% of the book hadn't been so dull I would have gave it four stars.